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The four affiliated locations of the Aerospace Engineering Group Companies, though each its own separate legal entity, collectively act as a single FAA certified aviation repair station. The Companies, AEG Europe and NExT MRO, LLC., Inc., (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Company” ) maintain, repair, and overhaul landing gear, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and for different commercial and military fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft types.Logos01


Founded in 2001 by Noel Aguilera, AEG Company was formed with a singular purpose: to become a best-of-class, international, one-stop MRO, able to address the entire spectrum of aircraft component maintenance, repair, and overhaul needs. Since then, the shareholders have diligently built an unrivaled operational platform now capable of servicing over 5,000 components. Today, the Company boasts a client list of well-known airlines, freight carriers, OEMs, and militaries around the world.


The Company already has in place the capital equipment, personnel, intellectual property, and advantageous licenses and certifications to achieve its revenue target. With regard to licensing in particular, the Company possesses the highly sought-after license which offers it a substantial competitive advantage over its competition: (i) An FAA Open-Class License. The Company is one of only a select number of MROs which possesses the elusive FAA “Open-Class” license. Unlike standard “limited” licenses, the “Open-Class” license allows the Company to bypass the red-tape associated with adding a new capability. As a result, rather than repeating the standard months-long application process every time a new capability is to be added, the Company can immediately begin offering it without receiving the FAA’s pre-approval (it need only inform the FAA in writing).This license grants the Company carte-blanche to perpetually grow its catalog of capabilities.